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A number of organisations in Biggar support Fairtrade, and some of these organisations are represented on the Biggar Fairtrade Town steering group.

  • Biggar Primary School as been a Fairtrade School since 2009. It incorporates Fairtrade activites in class work and  holds various Fairtrade events during the school year.

  • Biggar High School is also a Fairtrade School. It links the curriculum to Fairtrade where appropriate and runs Fairtrade events in school.

  • Biggar Kirk promotes Fairtrade, and organises sales of Fairtrade items from time to time. Fair trade tea, coffee and sugar are used at church events.

  • St Isidore's Church promotes Fairtrade, and uses Fairtrade tea, coffee, and sugar at church events.

  • 1st Biggar/Tinto Scout Group promote Fairtrade through badge work and use fairtrade products as much as practical and camps and other events.

  • Biggar Community Council has supported the Fairtrade Town Group's bid to make Biggar a Fairtrade Town, and serves Fairtrade tea and coffee at events which it organises.

Outwith Biggar, the following organisations support Fairtrade:

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